Factual Literally Mapping the Consumer Path-to-Purchase

Location intelligence company Factual announced the release of two products this morning: Geopulse Insights and Geopulse Measurement. They literally help map the (physical) path to purchase.

Geopulse Insights offers information about consumers’ “demographic characteristics and behavioral propensities,” based on their real-world activity and place visitation. The product shows consumers’ physical path to purchase: where they go in the world before they buy. Factual is also providing daypart analysis of these consumer buying patterns. The capability also offers insights that can inform ad creative.

Geopulse Measurement offers in-store visitation data (“deterministic foot traffic”), mapped to ad impressions. Campaign performance metrics will be delivered daily to allow for in-campaign optimization or changes to drive more store visits.

In the announcement, Factual touted the accuracy and scope of its location database, which includes “more than 130 million places and points of interest around the globe, and Observation Graph, which combines more than 280M mobile device signals with Global Places data to index the physical movement of mobile users.”

Time, Inc-owned Viant also announced deeper integration with Factual today:

The partnership provides valuable in-store and location-based insights to support marketers across various industries such as retail, automotive and travel. Combining Factual’s sophisticated location data with Viant’s deterministic identity and device graph, targeting and measurement capabilities, the partnership provides advertisers with a complete picture of who is visiting a store and when, including insights into the devices and channels that are driving store visits, the DMAs and specific locations that have highest visitation, visits attributed to impressions and time lag from ad exposure to store visits.

Offline attribution and measurement are critical tools to understand “what’s working” and where to more efficiently deploy ad dollars. Location intelligence can also provide a range of valuable competitive and operational insights. We’ll talk about these benefits and capabilities at LSA18 in April (Chicago) and later this year again in more depth at Place Conference 18 in September (New York).

LSA will be releasing its first Market Landscape Report on Location Intelligence providers later this month. Factual is in the document, along with other major providers. For more information contact Joe Morsello

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