Facebook’s O2O Solutions: An Inside Look at Store Visits & Offline Conversions

Last year Facebook announced two solutions to help marketers better understand the impact of Facebook Ads on offline results: Store Visits and Offline Conversions. According to Facebook, thousands of businesses have used the companies Offline Conversions and thousands more across over 12 countries have used Store Visits to measure the impact of their ads on foot traffic.

During a webinar earlier this month, Facebook’s Gabriel Francis provided an update on the company’s online-to-offline tools and offered examples and recommendations about how marketers can use them to advance business objectives. The webinar was geared towards helping agencies, technology and media companies that sell Facebook advertising or solutions to multi-location or small business advertisers.

Gabriel explored everything from consumer behavior data, insights related to Facebook’s audiences, and how marketers can get started with the company’s O2O tools. Here are just a few takeaways:

  • 56% of store purchases are influenced by digital and of those digital interactions, more than 66% were influenced by mobile.
  • 60% of Instagram users learn about new products on the platform.
  • 30% of US retail shoppers discovered a new product on Facebook.
  • Thousands of businesses have used Offline Conversions to understand the impact of their digital ads on real world outcomes.
  • Three ways to integrate Facebook’s Offline Conversions tool: 1. Connect to API, 2. Work with one of Facebook’s partners, or 3. Manually upload a list of purchases with no setup required.

You can view the entire webinar recording below.

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