Facebook: We Have 56 Million SMBs on the Platform

Many times I’ve been involved in debates about the “addressable SMB market” or “true number” for SMB marketing services in the US. Census data reflects in excess of 20 million “firms” that qualify as SMBs by headcount.

In contrast, Yodle said in its S-1 filing, “We currently target industry verticals with approximately 7 million local businesses, the largest categories of which include legal and professional, dental and medical and contractor and other home services.” This is only a partial market view but it may reflect an estimate of the addressable market of those SMBs willing to spend at least $400 – $500 per month on marketing services (or roughly $6,000 per year).

Earlier this year, in roughly April, Facebook announced that it had 40 million “active Facebook Pages” globally associated with small businesses. That number was a roughly 10 million page increase from the previous year.

However today, in setting up a Facebook ad campaign for LSA’s Digital Bootcamp, we noticed an SMB count of nearly 57 million. For obvious reasons this must be a global number.  Here’s the rollover widget directly out of Facebook’s ad platform:

Facebook SMB number

As indicated, this number is “people who list themselves as small business owners or own small business Pages on Facebook.” As implied by the description, this includes personal page data as well as active SMB pages on Facebook. I suspect this figure includes part time occupations and hobbyists.

Minus personal page data, it may still be the case that there are 40 million active SMB Pages on Facebook globally. It could also be the case that there’s a new number, still unannounced, that is considerably higher than the 40 million. It remains to be seen.

Regardless, I was quite surprised to see this figure pop up today. What is your reaction? What do you think this number comprises? What percentage of these folks do you believe are part of an addressable global market for Facebook advertising?

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