Facebook Touts SMB Growth, Hibu Gains ‘Marketing Partner’ Status

Earlier this year Facebook announced that it had 3 million advertisers. That number has now grown to 4 million — in about six months. Exactly a year ago the company had 2.5 million.

In other words, Facebook’s growth is accelerating.

The majority of those 4 million advertisers are small businesses. In addition, the majority (roughly 70%) of Facebook’s advertisers are outside North America. At an Advertising Week meeting in New York, the company identified South East Asia as its fastest growing advertising market.

Last quarter, mobile ad revenue was 84% of the company’s more than $6 billion in global ad revenue. Facebook also reported this week that roughly 40% of advertisers had created a mobile ad and 20% have used video ads on Facebook.

Facebook has had striking success with self-service and moving SMBs from “organic” Page users to paying advertisers with “foot-in-the-door” ad units such as promoted posts. By comparison Google has grown its SMB advertiser base over time through the development of an extensive AdWords reseller network.

Facebook has an earlier-stage “reseller” or marketing partner program (Facebook Marketing Partners), though the company has not been as aggressive as Google in building sales channel relationships.

Yesterday, however, local search and directory provider Hibu announced that it had become a Facebook Marketing Partner — the first company with a traditional media background — in the Small Business Solutions category.

The Marketing Partner program features different categories:

  1. Ad Technology: Scale and optimize your ad campaigns.
  2. Media Buying (US only): Find expert help in Facebook ad operations.
  3. FBX: Bring customers back with dynamic product retargeting.
  4. Community Management: Effectively manage Pages and conversations.
  5. Content Marketing: More efficiently create, curate and serve up content.
  6. Small Business Solutions: Find technologies and services for small and locally based businesses.
  7. Audience Onboarding: Find your current customers on Facebook via Custom Audiences.
  8. Audience Data Providers: Find new customers on Facebook using 3rd-party data.
  9. Measurement: Track performance of Facebook mobile app ad campaigns.

Hibu will now be able to display the Facebook Marketing Partner badge. ConstantContact and AdRoll are the two other companies currently in the Small Business Solutions category with Hibu.

Small Business Solutions Marketing Partners must meet the following Facebook criteria:

These solutions are tailored for smaller businesses with everything from lower spend minimums to technology to allow you to manage and scale client campaigns using your internal resources. Some of the things we look for:

  • Have your own proprietary self-service technology (not provided through alliance or partnership) built on the Facebook Ads API with┬áStandard Level Access
  • Have simple and automated workflows designed specifically to help small businesses achieve marketing objectives and measure success
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively support thousands of small businesses with technology, education and customer service
  • Have a pricing model approachable to small businesses
  • Show consistent track record of client success

Despite some of the ROI challenges for SMBs on social media, it’s consistently one of the top two or three channels in demand among local businesses according to multiple surveys from LSA and others.

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