Facebook Receives Backlash from Small Businesses

One small business owner is calling for Facebook fan engagement to remain an even playing field, and she’s not alone. A petition from a New Jersey business owner has made the Internet rounds over the past few weeks and attracted 500 supporters in just a few days.

The petitioner writes:

“All of the changes Facebook has made in the last 2 weeks REALLY, REALLY effects people with small businesses. Now our posts are seen by virtually no one except very, very devoted fans and family. I understand not “everyone” is going to see our posts, but this is outrageous. I have over 12,000 fans and I’m lucky to have a few hundred see our post”

Other business owners agree, and have shared comments on the site voicing their concerns.

Many small businesses that can’t afford paid advertising focus instead on organic marketing through engagement on Facebook. They feel that updates to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, which now includes paid posts from bigger advertisers, puts them at an unfair advantage.

There is only so much room on a newsfeed, and many small businesses think their posts are now going unseen by the followers they’ve worked to secure because they can’t afford to pay.

A Facebook rep told Huffington Post that the social network is aware of small businesses’ financial limitations and that the company offers both paid and organic posts.

What do you think? With all the new changes to Facebook is organic marketing still a viable option on the platform? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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