Facebook Makes Waves with Mobile Advertising


In these first few months since Facebook went public, there’s been a lot of skepticism out there about the popular social network’s ability to capitalize on the fast-growing mobile ad market.

Back in August, Facebook finally rolled out its first full-fledged advertising offering via mobile. Facebook mobile users began to see display ads in their newsfeeds regardless of whether they or their connections “like” the brand’s page.

This week, we learned that the program’s launch was a success. Facebook reported major revenue gains in its third quarter earnings and saw its stock soar.

Mobile advertising will be a key driver of Facebook’s growth moving forward. The company has more mobile users than any other social network – more than 600 million – and studies show that smart phone users are accessing social networks at an increasingly high rate and frequency suggesting that activity could move from desktop to almost exclusively mobile in the near future.

For right now, Facebook’s mobile advertisements focus specifically on converting clicks to app downloads, but we expect to see a more broad focus moving forward. With Facebook’s huge database of personal information – city, state, school, workplace, etc. – its certain that ads will become even more targeted based on location and affinity.

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