Facebook Is Adding 500,000 New Advertisers Every Six Months

Today Facebook announced that the company has three million advertisers. It also said that 70% of them are outside the US market. The majority of the company’s advertisers are small businesses (SMBs).

To get a bit more concrete, approximately 2.1 million of Facebook’s advertisers are outside the US. If, hypothetically, 70% of Facebook’s US-based advertisers (to be conservative) are SMBs then more than 600,000 SMBs in the US would be Facebook advertisers today.

Last September Facebook said it had 2.5 million active advertisers. In February, 2015 the company reported 2 million. In June of 2013 Facebook had 1 million advertisers. Accordingly, every six months Facebook appears to be adding roughly half a million new advertisers.

According to a recent study from LSA research partner Thrive Analytics, 19% of SMBs said they had paid for social media advertising (broadly defined). About 70% of SMB respondents in that same survey said that they utilize Facebook for marketing efforts.

Previous LSA research shown that the most valued marketing tools by SMBs are their own websites, SEO and social media.

In addition to announcing its new advertiser numbers, Facebook is also introducing a video creation tool called “Your Business Story.” It’s basically a slideshow video production tool, built on technology Facebook is using to enable low-cost video advertising in developing countries with bandwidth constraints.

At LSA16 Facebook’s Joe Devoy will discuss the company’s location strategy and ad products, as well as its thinking about the broader local ecosystem. To see the full agenda, click here.

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