Facebook Hits 40M Active SMB Pages, Announces New Roadshow

Today Facebook announced they will conducting another roadshow to help small business learn more about marketing and advertising on Facebook. The company also announced that globally it now has 40 million active small business Pages on the site.

In 2013 the company said they had around 20 million small business pages and about 1 million of those were advertisers. In just two years both of those figures have doubled. But that means there is still a massive opportunity available to convert 38 million businesses into advertisers.

Just a few months ago, Greg Sterling informally quantified Facebook’s opportunity to be around $20 billion. However, that was under the modest assumption that the real prospect base globally is around 20 million. Given this new 40 million figure, the opportunity continues to grow for the company.

In response to this tremendous growth of small business Facebook Pages, earlier this year the company launched the Ads Manager app and built a variety of creative and educational resources for small business marketers. The Boost Your Business events are yet another “resource” for SMBs to utilize, and appear to be an updated version of the Facebook Fit events from last year.

In addition to a new name, the format and program for this year’s events are much different. Last year the Facebook Fit events featured main-stage panels and breakout sessions led by industry experts. This year the 2015 Boost Your Business program will consist of both half-day and 2-hour pop-up events for SMBs to share best practices and learn about the latest marketing strategies and tools.

In addition to announcing the 40 million figure and the new roadshow, the company introduced a live online chat support tool for Facebook advertisers. To improve the onboarding process and overall advertiser experience, advertisers can chat and screen share with a trained professional in real-time.

This year the company has definitely put a lot of energy into educating and supporting advertisers. Growing the number of advertisers is one of the obvious goals, but it appears retaining them is too. By improving the advertising experience with the online chat tool, the app, and the creative resources, the company has a better chance of keeping advertisers happy.

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