Facebook Goes After the SMB Long Tail with ‘Consultants’ and ‘Pros’

Today in New York Facebook held its Global Partner Summit. There were a number of announcements coming out of the event:

It’s the latter two announcements that are most relevant to this blog.

Marketing Consultants are individuals and small shops (e.g., web development/IT) that aren’t formal marketing agencies. The objective is to train and badge the large number of individuals out there that have small business relationships:

Welcoming Facebook Marketing Consultants. Beyond agencies, we know there are individuals and qualified professionals who can help businesses grow, so we’re testing a new program called Facebook Marketing Consultants to connect advertisers with vetted professionals to fulfill demand for technology implementation services such as pixel deployments, product catalog setup and dynamic ads campaign setup.

To become a Marketing Consultant the individual or entity must complete the Facebook FMC evaluation process. Those that pass are invited to apply for the program. Those accepted will be listed in the company’s Solutions Explorer directory.

The second program, Facebook PRO, is for smaller agencies. Currently its a test:

We’re working with a few select agencies on a pilot program called Facebook PRO. We want to help small and medium advertisers find new service providers that meet their marketing needs. We’re now testing this program in select markets to standardize benefits, tools and resources across our agency partners. We’ll have more details to share on this pilot in 2019.

There are thousands of small digital agencies, web developers and IT consultants that are seeing demand from their customers for expanded services and marketing help. This is a massive reseller channel (or channels) that in turn translates into hundreds of thousands of small business relationships — or more.

Facebook has more than 6 million advertisers and “more than 80 million small businesses with active Facebook Pages” on a global basis. However the company, like Google before it, has come to realize that service is important and the bulk of the market won’t DIY.

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