Facebook: 6 Key Stats about the Size of Its (SMB) Business

Yesterday Facebook announced first quarter revenues of $11.97, the majority of which ($11.8 billion) was advertising-related. The company reported that it has 2.2 billion monthly active users and 1.4 billion daily active users.

Both user numbers were an increase of 13% over the year ago quarter. The recent data scandals appear not to have impacted its business in any material way in terms of usage (though engagement wasn’t discussed) or ad revenue.

Revenues grew roughly 50% year-over-year. Mobile revenue was up 60% to $10.7 billion, which was 91 percent of total ad revenue. The earnings call also revealed some interesting additional metrics about the state and growth of Facebook’s business.

Here are six interesting stats exposed during the call:

  • Facebook has 6 million advertisers globally
  • “More than 80 million small businesses” globally have active Facebook Pages.
  • Instagram has 2 million advertisers (overlap wasn’t addressed) and 25 million Instagram business profiles (presumably most are SMBs).
  • WhatsApp Business messaging (directed at SMBs) has 3 million active users.
  • There are 100 billion daily messages sent over WhatsApp and Messenger, plus 3 billion minutes of video and voice calling daily
  • 18 million businesses “now [communicate] with their customers through Messenger,” encompassing 2 billion monthly messages between business and customers/prospects (including bots).

Facebook’s Phillip Rather will be speaking on an LSA18 panel discussing how AI will impact digital marketing and organizations catering to small business customers. This will be one of the key discussions of the conference. 

LSA18 AI panel

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