Expert: Integrating Social Media into Local SEO Strategy is a Must

Search Engine Land

I saw a great piece last week on Search Engine Land by Trond Lyngbø, a senior SEO strategist at Metronet Norge, on the importance of factoring social media and reputation management into local SEO strategy.  With social media playing an increasingly integral role in not only local marketing but in society generally, local businesses need to ensure their social media presence is positive and highly visible in results on Google, Bing and other major search engines.

Lyngbø urges SMBs to better integrate social media into their marketing strategies, pointing to several specific considerations:

1. Social media can improve SEO impact

Online discussions can spread virally, allowing news about a business to reach farther and wider than what could previously be achieved through traditional means. The more discussion a business generates, the more prominently it will be placed in search results.

2. Social media leads to offline sales

Many consumers do their research online, and then go on to make purchases offline. Local businesses that generate discussion online will be highly ranked in local search results, which can in turn drive offline sales in their stores.

3. Social media is constantly evolving

With new platforms, services, and trends emerging all the time, keeping up can seem like a daunting task.  SMBs should stay abreast of changing developments and consider hiring a social media consultant to help devise the best strategy to stay current and maximize potential.

4. Social media’s effect is wide-reaching and long-lasting

SMBs should manage their social media presence wisely, as perceptions (positive and negative) created online can often last far longer than those created by word of mouth.

Check out Lyngbø full column at Search Engine Land.

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