Enhanced Data Helps Businesses Rank in ‘Exact Need’ Searches

For a few years now, there has been much discussion on the importance for business owners to make sure their “basic” business information (name, address, phone, website) is accurate and consistent on the many listing and local search websites. While the need for this remains, the conversation has somewhat shifted to the next layer of information referred to as “enhanced data.”

Enhanced data is designed to provide a match between a customer’s exact need and specifically what a local business offers. More simply, it is the details about a business that help consumers make informed decisions. For example, sites that publish enhanced data like detailed product and service lists, allow consumers to find a local business that matches their exact product or service need.

During last week’s webinar, Goodzer’s CEO Mike Wilson provided a detailed look at just how powerful enhanced data can be for not only businesses, but for the listing and search sites that publish this data. Here are some takeaways:

  • Enhanced data consumer use case: “I know what product or service I need, but I need to find a business that offers it.”
  • Enhanced Listings go deeper by describing and presenting detailed information on the business’s product and services.
  • With enhanced data a customer knows and finds what they want, knows a merchant meets a specific need and is ready to buy and converts.
  • Local search sites, social sites, search engines, mobile apps and any digital business targeting local consumers can benefit from the addition or integration of enhanced business data.

Check out the entire webinar below:

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