Dow Jones: SuperMedia Benefitting from SuperGuarantee

For those who question the viability of print Yellow Pages in today’s digital age, be sure to check out today’s Dow Jones article on the success of SuperMedia’s SuperGuarantee program.

According to the story, SuperGuarantee—which promises consumers will be satisfied with services found in its listings—has helped fuel double-digital percentage growth in the number of people who use SuperMedia’s print directories in many cities across the U.S.

The program, introduced last year and expanded in March, ensures that customers of participating SuperGuarantee businesses can rely on SuperMedia to help resolve any service issues they experience—or SuperMedia will reimburse the customer up to $500 of the cost of labor for the service.

If SuperMedia’s newfound growth is any indication, print will remain an important component of local search as the industry continues to find new ways to bring value to the directory. It’s all part of the industry’s strategy of aligning print with increasingly popular digital and mobile platforms to create a truly integrated experience.

Be sure to read the Dow Jones piece.

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