#DMS2011: Yellow API: A New ‘Open’ Model for Directory Content

Darby Sieben, director of business development, Yellow Pages Group in Canada, discussed the success of Yellow API, YPG’s application program interface launched a year ago. The tool, available to developers across platforms, provides YPG with the unique ability to stream its top Canadian local search content directly to third-party sites and applications.

Yellow API, which provides data about 1.5 million local businesses in Canada, provides benefits to four key stakeholders, according to Sieben:

  • Small businesses: enables additional qualified leads by extending content
  • Developers: creates a centralized source for local business information and allows developers to monetize the leads they generate through platforms they build
  • Data partnerships: partnerships with Twitter and Foursquare have synced business listings
  • Consumers: through data partnerships, providing consumers with new opportunities to find quality local businesses

Sieben talked about how Yellow API’s strong success to date:

  • 1,000+ developer keys distributed
  • 30+ applications developed
  • Millions of consumer searches
  • Now responsible for 50% of the mobile traffic YPG’s listings attract
  • Powers Yahoo’s mobile searches in Canada
  • Being used by large national brands – such as IAMs, which is streaming API data into its iPhone app
  • Developer program that’s attracted great new talent to the company
  • News apps ranging from Finish My Basement to Flushfinder that leverage API data

Looks like YPG has found the right approach.

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