#DMS2011: Interview with Nir Lempert, Golden Pages

Nir Lempert, CEO of Golden Pages, the main directory publisher in Israel, discussed the innovative approach he is taking to bring his company into digital.

In 2004, 91% of Golden Pages’ revenue came from print. Last year, print accounted for just 30% of revenue. The company’s online business listings, as well as its 12 owned verticals, have grown to account for 70% of revenue. Lempert credited verticals with saving Golden Pages as print declines at a rapid pace.

Lempert said Golden Pages’ digital offerings need a larger audience, which will only come by creating rich and advanced content that empowers consumers. In the past six months, Lempert has divided his company into categories that reflect on the consumer experience – including reliability, necessity, affordability and experience – and placed service-specific verticals (e.g., a vertical for finding doctors) under these categories. He said that each vertical is responsible for its related headings in Golden Pages’ print edition.

Lempert highlighted the success of Zap, a price comparison website for electronics, computers and other consumer goods, which he said has fundamentally changed the way Israelis search and purchase products.

Moving forward, Lempert said Golden Pages will need to further specialize its work force, deliver a richer content experience and continue to empower consumers. He also said the company will also rebrand with a younger, digital brand name in the near future.

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