DMS ’10: YPG Discusses Transformation

Stephane Marceau, chief marketing officer of Yellow Pages Group in Canada, discussed a number of topics in a Q&A session.

“Transformation is happening fast,” said Marceau.  “We have made several acquisitions.  We are evolving our value proposition, launching new consumer experiences.  One area where we’ve really stepped things up is on the mobile front.”

Marceau discussed the large growth in mobile search, saying that mobile search makes up 20% of searches today on YPG’s platforms.

Despite this rapid transformation, Marceau discussed the strength of the Yellow Pages brand in the Canadian market.  When it recently considered its brand change, the company was on the path to a name change, but research found that Canadians had a high degree of trust and recognition of the brand.

“I was really surprised by how strong this brand is in Canada.  Yellow Pages is the fourth most trusted Canadian brand.  We own the primary color.  The strength of the brand is remarkable so we couldn’t walk away from it.”

Overall, YPG is focused on transformation but doing so in a way that makes sense for the company.

“We approach business with a high sense of urgency.  At the same time, the only caveat is there is no profit in being ahead of the market.  We want to come out with these services when the market is ripe.  You need to jump in at the right time.”

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