DM Near Me: Twitter Announces Location Sharing with Businesses

Location provides critical context and utility for mobile. Recognizing this, Twitter announced yesterday that users and businesses can now share location in direct messages:

Starting today, businesses building on our Direct Messages platform can request and share locations with people. Alongside quick replies, welcome messages and Customer Feedback Cards, this is yet another feature in the canvas we’re providing for businesses to create great human- and bot-powered customer experiences on Twitter.

Users retain control and can decide whether or not they want to share location with the business. The use case offered in the blog post is store-locating: where is the closest XYZ restaurant?

Twitter location sharing

I can imagine users asking about the availability of products in particular stores: “show me the nearest Target that has the outdoor dining set,” and so on. The functionality can equally be utilized by bots and I would expect bots to do most of the store-locating. However there are probably lots of interesting location-oriented mobile use cases are as yet to be defined.

Right now this will primarily be utilized by brands and multi-location enterprises. It will be interesting to see if SMBs participate.

Twitter has roughly 260 million active mobile users. More than 80% of Twitter’s monthly active user base accesses the site/app on a mobile device. And nearly 90% of the company’s ad revenue now comes from mobile views.

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