Diversity Is Our Strength Against Online-Only Ad Providers

From time to time, we see Internet ad providers tout promotions to convince businesses to give up their Yellow Pages print ads for an online-only advertising strategy.

There are a number of ways we can stay competitive against these promotions.

First, it’s all about volume. For most advertisers, any program without print Yellow Pages is suboptimal. Period. Prudent advertisers simply can’t ignore the sheer volume of leads produced through print Yellow Pages coupled with its strong ROI. Print Yellow Pages get 13.7 billion references each year, so we shouldn’t discount the ready-to-buy consumers who use the directory to find what they need.

Second, many Yellow Pages companies are also offering online, mobile, and search solutions — from Internet Yellow Pages listings, to YouTube videos, to Google AdWords setup and monitoring. The fact that we offer that bundle of print, Internet Yellow Pages and search is a huge advantage for directory publishers over online only players. And if we’re doing our job right as publishers, we’ll guide our advertisers to the most effective and efficient solutions that produce the volume of business they need at the right investment level.

Third, we can act on our personal relationships. Yellow Pages salespeople work every day with small businesses. We are in the unique position of building off a strong track record of success, built over time, as marketing advisors to small businesses looking for guidance in an increasingly fragmented local media market. The online-only providers do not have this degree of access.

Advertising today is increasingly complex. Our future success depends on our ability to help small businesses build their business by finding advertising solutions that work for them. For now, that’s likely not an online-only strategy, but one that includes numerous mediums to reach the right consumer at the right time.

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