Discover 8,000 Available Co-op Plans

As the beginning of the year takes hold, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of co-op advertising. A New Year means new opportunities for growth, and comprehensive co-op ad plans can help increase ROI on ad campaigns, product movement, sales volume, profit margins and more.

It’s important to kick-start the year off right by gathering accrual information and conducting plan research for your client’s 2019 co-op advertising plan. And Co>Op Connect has a complete suite of solutions available to help guide you along the way.


The Co>Op Connect database features over 8,000 co-op plans, all presented in a single, easy-to-use web application. Through the database, users not only have access to manufacturer contacts and co-op plan details, but they also have access to the latest manufacturer promotions as they become available. Additionally, users have access to on-going support provided by the Co>Op Connect team with the knowledge you need to ease the co-op advertising process.

Knowledge Base

With a Co>Op Connect subscription, users will also gain access to the knowledge base, which offers numerous resources, including all of the necessary accrual request documents and forms, as well as step-by-step instructions and useful tips for selling co-op advertising. The knowledge base helps simplify the entire co-op process.


Co>Op concierge provides users with unparalleled levels of support in numerous areas, including brand research, obtaining accrual balances, submitting prior approvals and creating claim packages. Additionally, users gain access to on-going training, editorials and webinars.


For those who are new to co-op advertising, Co>Op Connect provides training that will help users gain an understanding of the entire co-op process, from start to finish. This training also includes strategies for utilizing the Co>Op Connect database, both in-person and webinar classes as well as more advanced classes that feature best practices, plans and strategies.


With over 30 years of experience in co-op advertising, the LSA’s Co>Op Connect team is equipped to provide a wide range of consulting services. Each Co>Op Consulting project is completely customizable and can include any of the following services:

  • Targeting new customers and starting new relationships
  • Current customer audits for co-op program availability
  • Made-to-order lead lists
  • Dedicated assistance and support
  • Customized research and analysis
  • Artwork research and creation
  • Co-op Instruction training classes
  • On-going training, editorials and webinars

To learn more about Co>Op Connect’s range of useful solutions and how you can help your clients make the most of their co-op advertising opportunities in 2019, visit, call 877-990-COOP or email for more information.

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