Digital Now 54% of US Advertising, Mobile Two-Thirds of Digital

Digital advertising in the United States will be worth approximately $129.3 billion in 2019, according to new estimates from eMarketer. Traditional media collectively will come in at $20 billion less, around $109 billion. This marks the first time that digital advertising has exceeded traditional media.

Accordingly, digital advertising will represent 54.2% of overall US advertising. Mobile will deliver just over $87 billion or roughly two-thirds of all digital ad revenues this year.

In the forecast, all traditional media revenues will decline except out-of-home. Even TV spending will drop 2.2% to $70.8 billion. The majority of digital revenues are concentrated in a small number of companies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Verizon (Yahoo/AOL).

2019 digital revenues

Of this group, Amazon’s ad business is poised to grow the most, roughly 50 percent in 2019. Emarketer says that this year Amazon ad revenues will reach 8.8% of the total and 10% in 2020. Some of this appears to be coming at Google’s expense, while Facebook’s overall share is up slightly in 2019.

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