Did You See The Electrician?

As always, the opening reception was heavily attended and Idearc’s caped “good guys” were turning up everywhere – did you see the electrician? As the exhibitor Kay Banks, from Geiger West said, “I never miss this party.”  Coach Yellow was out there with the crowd and the YPA staff had them lined up at our booth. Lots of sunburned faces from attendees being out and about today.

The YPA Board was there to meet and greet our guests, and spend time with our exhibitors. Golf prizes, raffles, all in the beautiful, outdoor “bubble” that is our Exhibit Hall this year. So different from Las Vegas. All in all, a great start.

Tomorrow – Kelsey/BIA, Gus Faucher and the National Advertisers. So much going on, so many chances to network. Gotta go!

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