DexYP the First Local Publisher to Syndicate SMB Listings to Alexa

It’s not clear how much small business (SMB) awareness or grass roots demand there is for listings and local data syndication to smart speakers. But DexYP is wisely getting ahead of the curve and utilizing Yext’s direct data feed to Alexa to get its customers in front of smart speaker users.

Roughly two weeks ago Yext and Amazon announced that Yext was going to be submitting its local listings data directly to Amazon. Previously local business data on Alexa was available exclusively through Yelp. The Yext-Amazon partnership reflects the degree to which Amazon sees Alexa devices as a local search tool and wants to have more direct control over the experience.

Now DexYP has announced that, through Yext, its Thryv customers (50,000 SMBs) will appear in voice search results on Alexa devices. There are roughly 50 million Alexa and Google Home smart speakers in US households to date, with that number projected to potentially triple in a few years. Currently Alexa devices hold a dominant share in the US market.

I asked DexYP CMO Gordon Henry in email about the program and whether Thryv customers were requesting this. I also asked how the company would communicate the value of this distribution to its customers.

He told me, “Demand among our customers for online listings management is high, we view this as value added enabling SMBs to be found where consumers are looking. We will explain the benefit to the SMB of updating information via Alexa through sales reps and marketing collateral.”

According to NPR survey data roughly 36% of consumers have conducted a local business search on a smart speaker device.

Given that Yext has a pipe into Alexa I would anticipate others using Yext will follow DexYP’s lead and syndicate their data to Alexa. Google Home is a somewhat different case because of the current GMB and Google’s local index, whose content is already largely accessible via its smart speakers.

Update: I was informed by Vivial today that they have also been syndicating local listings to Alexa through Yext and are also promoting it to their SMB customers.

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  1. BizIQ announced on August 11, 2018, that we’re also syndicating our SMB clients’ data to Alexa via Yext.

    Annette Sugden

  2. Greg Sterling says:

    Thanks for the update.

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