Dex One Announces Expansion of Consumer Choice Program

Earlier this month, YPA and ADP announced plans to provide consumers with an updated, central site to manage the delivery of phone directories to their homes. This new tool, which will go live in early 2011, will make it faster and easier for consumers to select which phone directories they receive, or to stop delivery of all directories if they so choose.

Dex One, which is participating in the effort, announced this week that it had broadened the availability of its own consumer choice program – Select Your Dex – by making it available through multiple online sites, including Facebook. For more information, check out the press release here.

According to the release, more than 130,000 consumers have visited Select Your Dex since 2008 to adjust the number and types of Dex print directories they receive. Dex One notes that while some consumers have used the program to discontinue print delivery, many others have used it to increase the number of directories delivered to them.

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