Dex One’s Chairman & CEO Dave Swanson, Leader in the YP Industry, Retires

On Friday we received news that our long-time colleague and friend Dave Swanson, chairman and CEO at Dex One, is retiring after 25 years with the company.

According to Dave, he and the board concluded that the timing was right to transition leadership to a new executive after successfully guiding the firm through its recent financial restructuring.

We will sincerely miss Dave’s leadership and the great abilities he’s shown in transforming Dex One over the past eight years from, as he put it, “a small sales agent for telephone company yellow pages with just $75 million in annual revenue, to a multi-billion dollar market leader in print, online, and mobile business search and marketing services.”

We wish him the best in his retirement – lots of relaxation, and of course, golf—and hope that he will continue to provide his valuable insight into our industry from time to time.

2 Responses to “Dex One’s Chairman & CEO Dave Swanson, Leader in the YP Industry, Retires”

  1. Brice Thomas says:

    Dave, Thanks for all of your contributions to the yellow pages industry and small businesses. You were undoubtedly the obvious choice in all of your promotions. Enjoy your retirement.

  2. Dave Swanson did a wonderful job navigating our business into and out of bankruptcy. Some people have raised issue with his final compensation but I think he deserved every penny of the $17 million that he was paid upon his departure. I’m confident that Dave has set this business up to recover from multiple years of double digit downward trends and our huge losses in market share. We are poised for success once we bounce back from the recession and people go back to using the yellow page books again. I believe Dave had it exactly right when he would say that the decline in print is cyclical not secular. Dave was a very strategic and wise leader who will be missed.

    – Maggie

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