Dex Mobile App Provides Service On-the-Go

YPA Member R.H. Donnelly launched a new mobile search application yesterday that can be downloaded for free on any mobile device.Supporting the increasing consumer demand for service on-the-go, the new Dex Mobile App enables shoppers to access detailed information on more than 27 million businesses and more than 100 million people through their mobile phone or other handheld device.

The application is exciting because it was designed with a mobile user in mind – acknowledging that shoppers often don’t know exactly what they want. As we reported last week – comScore indicates that 75% of the top 100 keywords searched on IYPs in 2008 were non-branded. 

With Dex Mobile you can search using a specific business name, type, or location or generally search an area or a “Feelin’ Like” category to get suggestions on places to go and things to do. Other user-friendly features include “click-to-connect”, mapping and people search options, among others.

We are excited to see the industry move further toward integrated mobile solutions, and will keep you posted on other innovations.

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  1. Martin says:

    These are a great suite of products that Dex have launched and show how progressive the YP industry really can be. The services have been developed by a world leader in mobile local search based out of Europe called mobilePeople.

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