Data: SMB vs. Industry View of “Essential” SMB Marketing Methods

Media sellers and their local business customers often don’t see eye to eye about online marketing. However, a new study shows that when it comes to “essential marketing methods,” there’s agreement about the top channels. But after the top three or four methods the opinions diverge.

SEO, websites and social media were seen as the most essential channels by both groups. The largest discrepancy was “reputation management”: 54% of industry respondents found it to be “essential,” but only 33% of SMBs agreed. Surprisingly, SMBs valued content marketing much more highly than media sellers.

The data comes from a new LSA/Camilyo report titled, “The Customer Funnel: A New Framework for Local Marketing.” To access the chart above, download the report.

2 Responses to “Data: SMB vs. Industry View of “Essential” SMB Marketing Methods”

  1. Josh says:

    I agree that content marketing is essential marketing method. Thanks for the report!

  2. kanchi says:

    As a Small scale company we are also not concentrate on Reputation Management,

    The reason,

    Still we are lack in SEO and Social Media, If we are strong in Social Media and SEO our revenue will increased automatically. That time we will have a time to concentrate on Reputation.

    The main 2 things for our Small Scale business is


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