Data: Location-Based Programmatic Buying Grows 110% in 2016

The prominence of location data in digital marketing continues to grow. Media buying is increasingly informed by location intelligence, which has become a proxy for audiences and a source of real-world behavioral insights. According to a recent study, location-based programmatic advertising grew 110% in the first six months of 2016.

The most-targeted audience subset from the first half of 2016 was “enthusiasts,” audiences with interest in health, food and beverage, technology, home and more. Following enthusiasts were standard demographic segments, then “shopper marketing,” which was broken out into subsets like luxury, cost-conscious, big-box, convenience stores and more.

With location now at the center of programmatic ad buys, the importance of data accuracy and fraud protections are amplified. This will become a hot-button issue like viewability and impression fraud. Exchanges and providers that don’t have processes to protect and clean their data will ultimately be left behind for those that do.

The insights come from an infographic titled “2016 Programmatic Review” featuring data from NinthDecimal’s audience intelligence platform and mobile audience segments sold programmatically. To access the graphic above, click here.

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