Data: Growing Percentage of SMBs to Increase Mobile Spend

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are responding to the growth in mobile usage by allocating more dollars toward efforts that help them reach consumers on these devices. According to a 2015 LSA/Thrive Analytics report, SMBs planned to increase spending on mobile marketing and advertising this year.

Company websites, social media and mobile marketing were all expected to see increased budgets in 2015, but mobile saw the largest growth since 2013. According to the 2015 Small Business Outlook report, since 2013 the percentage of SMBs planning to increase mobile marketing spending has increased 42%.

The study went on to say that SMB marketing budgets for digital areas are increasing due to better performance. More specifically, the main reasons cited for the expected changes are around staying competitive and seeing better ROI.

The data comes from LSA’s 2015 Small Business Outlook report. LSA members and research subscribers receive access to reports depending on membership level. To access this report or learn how you can, contact us.

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