Data: 58% of SMBs Use Facebook for Marketing <1 Hour Per Week

SMBs have consistently mentioned social media as one of the top three channels for marketing their business, with many surveys finding it to be the top priority. However, how SMBs use Facebook varies and many might not be dedicating enough time and effort to be effective.

In a new survey, roughly half of SMBs said they have a Facebook page for their business. However of those with a Facebook page, almost 60% spend less than one hour each week marketing their business on Facebook. Additionally, 58% said they only post on Facebook a few times a month.

This lack of use may explain why half feel the time they invest in Facebook isn’t worth it. The interesting point here is that while SMBs are making social media (Facebook) a priority, about half of them aren’t satisfied with the ROI. While SMBs may see Facebook as a DIY marketing tactic, it appears they struggle to do so effectively.

You can access the data from Manta’s survey of 4,712 small business owners by clicking here. For access to the graphic above, click here.

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