Data: 57% Seek “General Info” on Mobile During Purchase Research

Typically, mobile searchers are thought to be “on the go” with immediate needs, near the “bottom of the funnel.” Yet new data suggests this isn’t true.

According to a new survey of 1,000 US adults, mobile shoppers most often sought “general information on the product or service.” Instead of looking up store hours, directions, product inventory or other information to complete a purchase, mobile searchers made a lot of “top of the funnel” queries.

The study went on to say the majority (56%) of purchase related mobile searches took place at home, while only 28% happened “out and about.” With most mobile search happening at home, seeking general information, the image of the mobile search user needs to be expanded.

The study shows that marketers need to consider mobile’s powerful impact on the entire consumer journey, not just the end.

The data comes from the LSA’s “Local Media Tracking Study (LMTS): 2016 Mid-Year Summary Report” which surveyed 1,000 US adults. To learn more about findings from the study, click here. To access the graphic above, click here.

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