Data: 43% of SMBs Sell Brands that May Offer Co-op Funding

When it comes to co-op advertising, there is much discussion around the roughly $70 billion in annual co-op funding available in the U.S. While not every SMB sells brands that offer these kind of programs, almost half do and only a fraction are taking advantage.

According to an LSA and Manta joint study, 43% of U.S. SMBs sell brands that potentially qualify for co-op funding. In other words, almost half of SMBs are at least in the discussion for co-op advertising.

2010 Census data found there were about 28 million SMBs in the U.S. Using the 43% figure above, about 12 million (likely less) SMBs may have co-op advertising available to them. It is up to local media and marketing sellers to discover the co-op opportunity with each SMB and take advantage of these funds accordingly.

The data comes from a new LSA report titled, “Breaking through the Co-op Clutter: Best Practices for Improved Co-op Advertising Sales.” To access the chart, download the report.

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