Dan Danner of NFIB: Less Government is More for Small Businesses

Dan Danner, president of the National Federation of Independent Business, took the stage at the Search Starts Here conference this morning to discuss what is important to small businesses today.

“You won’t be surprised to hear me say that what small business owners want from the government is less.”

Danner says that small business optimism dropped 3% in NFIB’s most recent survey, typical of a recession, not recovery, economic period.

Danner cited concerns over taxes, healthcare, and government regulation as hitting small businesses hard.

“Less [regulation] is truly more for small businesses.”

Small businesses pay a much greater percentage of revenue for regulation compliance than larger companies.

Danner said that the government should focus on these concerns more and less about small business access to capital.

“NFIB’s research is very clear on this issue. At the moment, access to capital is a low priority for most small businesses. Why would small businesses want to take out a loan when they aren’t confident they will be able to pay it back?”

Danner does express some optimism about the future. There are 25 NFIB members in the freshman class of 112th Congress.

“There is a reason for the small business community to be optimistic about the turn of direction of government. There are more small business owners in the government than ever before … and that means more fighting for Main Street.”

See our backstage interview with Dan Danner.

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