Daily News: SMB Marketing Survey, Voice Grocery Shopping, Programmatic Overtakes Direct

Here is today’s roundup of news related to local marketing and advertising, local media, technology, local commerce, consumer behavior and more.

Social Wins, Paid-Search and Display Lose in SMB Marketing Survey (April 3, 2019)
LSA Insider: “BrandMuscle has released the 5th edition of its “State of Local Marketing” report (registration required). The report is dense and covers a range of small business marketing topics. It also has an extensive discussion of Co-Op/MDF issues. We’ll tackle the findings in multiple posts.”

TAI: What’s the Story Behind QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Services? (April 3, 2019)
LSA Insider: “Intuit has been gauging interest among small businesses for an on-demand bookkeeping service called Live Bookkeeping and is expected to launch the service in the near future.”

Walmart doubles down on voice grocery shopping with Google Home (April 3, 2019)
Marketing Land: “Yesterday Walmart announced a simplified way for customers to order groceries using voice commands on any device that features the Google Assistant. That includes Google Home, Android devices and iPhones. The company said the capability will come to other platforms soon (read: Alexa).”

Google Rates the Mobile Usability of the Web’s Most Visited Sites (April 3, 2019)
Search Engine Journal: “Google launched the new resource Masterful Mobile Web which assesses the mobile experiences of most visited sites on the web.”

Programmatic Overtakes Direct, But In-App Still Needs Work (April 2, 2019)
Media Post: “Programmatic had been viewed as the route to market that offered the ease of machines buying inventory from other machines but came at the cost of poorer viewability and increased brand safety and fraud risk.”

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