Daily News: Location Tech Beyond Beacons, Phones Drives More Sales than Tablets, Mobile Moment Advertising

Here is today’s roundup of news related to location-based marketing, advertising, media, technology, local commerce and more:

Yelp COO Donaker, Google Executives Thota and Wood Added to LSA16 Agenda (January 8, 2016)
LSA Insider: “Less than two months out, LSA is adding some impressive new speakers for the 2016 Local Search Association Conference in San Francsico, March 7-9.”

Why other location-based technologies could steal beacons’ thunder in 2016 (January 8, 2016)
Mobile Marketer: “While beacons were one of 2015’s top buzzwords, other proximity-based targeting tactics could have their heyday this year as bricks-and-mortar retailers continue beacon pilots and uncover best-response solutions for their customers.”

When Do Digital Buyers Research Products? (January 8, 2016)
eMarketer: “More digital buyers are researching products on the day of purchase than before or after it, according to 2015 data.”

Mobile Eclipses Tablets As Biggest Driver Of Both Online And Offline Sales (January 7, 2016)
GeoMarketing: “A study by Forrester,, and Bizrate Insights claims that the mobile phone has officially surpassed the tablet as the top driver of sales both online and offline in 2015.”

German Publisher Group Sues Google Again Under Draconian Copyright Law (January 7, 2016)
Marketing Buddy: “A group of German publishers has filed a civil complaint against Google. The group, constituted as VG Media, claims to be enforcing Germany’s “Ancillary Copyright” Law, passed in 2013.”

How Apple Could Play Spoiler For The Search Ad Business (January 7, 2016)
Search Engine Land: “With so much search volume flowing through their devices, some are wondering if whether or not Apple will make a move that shakes up the entire search industry.”

Study: Ads Effective As Way To Stimulate Dormant App Usage, Prevent Deletion (January 7, 2016)
Marketing Land: “Yahoo found that ads and app store placement (being featured) were key download drivers for consumers looking for new content or to replace stale apps.”

The Rise of Mobile Moment Advertising (January 6, 2016)
Chief Marketer: “Google, Twitter and The New York Times are working to provide more meaningful experiences amidst the deluge of digital, and specifically mobile, experiences.”

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