Daily News: Location Pushes Thinking Beyond Screens, Co-op Ad Clutter, Local SEO Ranking Factors

Here is today’s roundup of news related to local marketing and advertising, local media, technology, local commerce, consumer behavior and more.

Marketing’s Digital Divide Grows As Location Pushes Marketers to Think Beyond the Screen (October 10, 2016)
LSA Insider: “There’s an expanding continuum of practical digital knowledge with experts on one end and novices on the other.”

How to Break through the Co-op Advertising Clutter (Free Report) (October 10, 2016)
LSA Insider: “A new LSA report discusses how to unlock co-op funds and explores 10 best practices to help sales organizations access more co-op revenue.”

Gap Between Online and Offline Commerce Is Shrinking (October 10, 2016)
eMarketer: “This year, retailers will look to leverage better fulfillment options, local advertising tools, offline attribution and omnichannel tools.”

Not just Facebook: Advertisers have measurement gripes with all platforms (October 10, 2016)
Digiday: “While Facebook may get more attention because of its size, other platforms also have their measurement issues.”

Results from the Local SEO Ranking Factors Study (October 7, 2016)
Search Engine Land: “Wonder what factors correlate with strong local rankings? Here are results from a recent local ranking factors study.”

How The Shift To Mobile Has Impacted Local Search And Display Marketing (October 7, 2016)
GeoMarketing: “Nearly 40 percent of people search only on a smartphone in an average day as they look to meet immediate needs.”

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