Daily News: Consumers Looking Beyond NAP, Google Targets Intent, Most App Users Inactive in 30 Days

Here is today’s roundup of news related to location-based marketing, advertising, media, technology, sales, local commerce and more:

Consumers Looking Beyond NAP When Conducting Local Searches (September 28, 2015)
LSA Insider: “Outside of name, address and phone number (NAP), consumers aren’t getting access to richer and more engaging content like hours of operation, pictures, videos, payment types, services, etc.”

Google Targets Intent With Email, YouTube And Search Matching And Universal App Campaigns (September 28, 2015)
TechCrunch: “Google announced moves further into Facebook-style targeting territory, with a new product called Customer Match that will let advertisers upload lists of emails and match them to signed-in Google users on Gmail, Search and YouTube.”

Retail Email Marketing Is Changing, but Gradually (September 28, 2015)
eMarketer: “Growing mobile usage and the ability to better personalize messaging are creating new possibilities for reaching consumers more effectively. But any improvements are likely to be gradual, not revolutionary.”

Digital Factory’s Geo-Fenced Experiences Increases App Retention (September 26, 2015)
Press Release: “Ford leverages Digital Factory’s geolocation technology to accelerate test drives at the 2015 Ford Neighborhood Awards Weekend and the program exceeds goal by 60%.”

Report: 58% of App Users Become Inactive in First 30 Days (September 25, 2015)
Adweek: “New data from Localytics highlighted the difficulty app developers have in keeping users engaged over the long-term and showed that 58 percent of users ‘churn,’ or become inactive, in the first 30 days after they download an app.”

Web Overload: Why Digital Advertising Needs To Hit The Reset Button (September 25, 2015)
Marketing Land: “Marketers need to take a close look at their technologies and Web practices or risk losing users who are fed up with too much advertising and tracking.”

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