Daily News: Brand Marketing Predictions, Salesforce & Facebook Integration, How Retailers Personalize

Here is today’s roundup of news related to local marketing and advertising, local media, technology, local commerce, consumer behavior and more.

UberMedia: Brands to Evaluate Agency Options & Refocus on Strategy in 2017 (January 17, 2017)
LSA Insider: “Here are 2017 predictions submitted by Michael Hayes, CMO and CRO at UberMedia.”

Salesforce Promises Greater Connections Between Retailers And Facebook Ads (January 17, 2017)
GeoMarketing: “A new Salesforce integration is meant to draw a clearer line between the shopper journey and their Facebook and Instagram activity.”

How Retailers Use Personalization—If They Do at All (January 17, 2017)
eMarketer: “55% license marketing technology to personally target customers.”

Shorter, off peak posts will increase Facebook engagements, report suggests (January 16, 2017)
The Drum: “The use of video, keeping posts down to 50 words and posting during off hours are some key ingredients to more consumer interaction with Facebook posts.”

3 reasons why you can safely ignore your competitors’ traffic metrics (January 16, 2017)
Search Engine Land: “Competitive analysis can be helpful, but it’s important not to get too focused on your competitors’ performance.”

IAB: Digital, TV, Radio Improve Purchase Intent By 90% (January 13, 2017)
MediaPost: “Consumers viewing a constant message across a variety of channels can improve purchase intent by 90% and brand perception by 68%.”

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