CRM Associates President Dennis Fromholzer Discusses Repositioning the YP Industry

Dennis Fromholzer, President of CRM Associates presented his views on repositioning the Yellow Pages industry at the International Breakfast held at the YPA annual conference this morning.

He stressed that as we move from a product-focused mentally to a customer-focused mentality, ensuring relationships with our advertisers is absolutely paramount to our success. His opinion is that Sales is no longer an “operational efficiency,” but in today’s media environment requires that more time be spent with the advertiser. In addition Yellow Pages reps are required to have more business acumen and have a longer term focus on what the businesses’ needs are.

He went on to say that the Goal is to gain the advertiser’s confidence and trust and that will require a change in practices with respect to hiring, training and performance measurement.

Dr. Fromholzer also quoted some stats from his own metered ad data base that showed, based on 4,144 advertisers with same size ads in both 2008 and 2009, call counts actually rose 3%.

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