Co>Op Connect Helps Find Unknown, Available Co-op Funds

Many local retailers are unaware of their existing co-op accruals. As a result, these funds frequently go unused – to the tune of billions of dollars each year in the aggregate.

Accruals refer to money earned by a retailer or dealer that can be used for advertising. Retailers earn these dollars — which are based on a percentage of sales within a specific product line — by purchasing products from the manufacturer within a given time period.

For over 35 years, LSA’s Co-op dept has assisted local media groups in facilitating connections between local retailers and brands. The program has helped uncover millions of accrual dollars in co-op funds, as well as countless advertising opportunities.

The Co>Op Connect database houses over 8,000 available co-op plans that allow clients to broaden their ad campaigns and increase their overall budgets. Here are a few recent examples of what we have helped facilitate over the last few months:

  • In one month’s time, the Co>Op connect team discovered over $150,000 of accrual money for four newspapers.
  • A motorcycle and recreational dealership acquired $18,000 in co-op funds that helped the business owner achieve a 6:1 ROI.
  • A pool and spa builder found $3,000 in available co-op funds with a pool chemical brand. This allowed the owner to run a new ad campaign and increase exposure.
  • A home construction company uncovered $5,000 of available co-op funds for a cabinetry brand, which allowed them to run more ads.
  • In September, a regional newspaper found $22,000 in accrued co-op dollars for five different advertisers.

To help your customers gain similar benefits and uncover their own unknown, accrued co-op dollars, visit, call 877-990-COOP or email for more information.

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