Convergent Mobile Wants to Build Advertiser, Consumer Efficiency through Mobile

Convergent Mobile offers enterprise level mobile-based solutions that any corporate client, franchise group or ad agency can utilize. Solutions offered include: a centralized distribution tool for listing management, a text marketing and notification solution, a mobile scheduling tool and responsive mobile websites.

To learn more, we caught up with Mickey Breen, CEO of Convergent Mobile:

What local problem(s) does Convergent Mobile solve? How?
Internet-influenced offline spending currently has a value of $2 trillion annually, yet as many as half of all businesses have incomplete or inaccurate information shown in web searches. Hundreds of websites and online directories compile business information from a myriad of sources. Making updates or corrections to your information would require manually updating each – a costly and time-consuming effort.

Convergent Mobile’s new data distribution tool, LBL Pro, provides a centralized dashboard that can update, manage, and verify your business listing information and content, enabling consistent distribution of your data to over 300 data providers, search engines and directories. Whether a customer is looking for a location, product, phone number, brand or hours of operation, Convergent Mobile helps ensure they can find accurate information on your business and the directions to your door.

What makes Convergent Mobile innovative?
Convergent Mobile leverages the latest in mobile technology to provide solutions, create efficiencies and advance our clients’ business based on the latest trends in mobile usage. Offering efficient, high-impact custom solutions that easily integrate and that allow the continued use of our client’s business’ most trusted systems.

Usually, ‘standard’ mobile upgrades are limited to separate stand-alone solutions that require significant and often expensive integration and which often provide unrelated functions that go under-utilized. What businesses need, and what clients envision, is a solution perfectly tailored to their requirements that interfaces simply and completely with present IT investment.

Our solutions can be implemented seamlessly for an immediate and discernable impact. Convergent Mobile’s solutions are designed by a team of professionals who specialize in leveraging the latest mobile technology, focused on not only meeting, but also exceeding expectations.

How does Convergent Mobile make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Efficiency though mobile.  Convergent Mobile makes the local space more efficient for advertisers and consumers. We also give our clients the ability to communicate with their consumers with our text marketing solution.

LBL Pro continually checks and revises business listings to ensure accurate distribution across devices and channels. Accurate location data ensures that you and your customer can connect, while consistent online data means higher rankings in search engine results, yielding more visibility and more clicks.

LBL Pro’s fully automated service enables you to easily leverage a resource that more and more customers rely on. A detailed business profile is no longer optional for any business in today’s competitive market. From local search apps to Internet Yellow Pages and social networking sites, LBL Pro optimizes your profile across devices and channels.

62% of consumers search locally using multiple devices; your profile content across media can dramatically impact search results and the number of customers at your door. LBL Pro creates and manages profiles that maximize search results and drive business.

What is next in local?
Smartphone use and ownership continues to increase daily throughout the nation. According to Pew Research, over 174 million people in the United States own smartphones and by next year smartphones are expected to make up 90% of the mobile market. The vast majority of these smartphones will be used to obtain information in real time about their location.

Convergent Mobile previously published a blog on our website addressing the subject of Geo-Fencing. More specifically, it focused on the ease of a company including these features in an app or as part of opt-in user service, to take advantage of location based services. Such services present the ability to include physical location and to store additional data-points in order to advertise to customers more relevantly and effectively. However, this is only one of several ascendant technological changes our society is rapidly embracing.

The increasing penetration of smartphones worldwide and their ability to access information in real-time is leading to the development of new technologies that our clients and their businesses should be familiar with in order to remain at the top of their game and ahead of their competitors.

To learn more check out the video below, visit, or contact Chief Development Officer Richard Sloop at or by telephone (707) 266-7275.

Convergent Mobile from Mickey Breen on Vimeo.

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