#CloudSummit: GoDaddy Expanding Product Portfolio with Cloud-Tech

At the 2017 SMB Cloud Summit, GoDaddy’s SVP of Productivity, Irana Wasti, had an insightful conversation with Local Search Association’s VP of Strategy and Insights, Greg Sterling about the small business ecosystem. Specifically, they talked about the impact of mobile productivity applications on the SMB market and what GoDaddy is doing in this area.

GoDaddy continues to play a critical role when it comes to helping these businesses start, grow and efficiently run their independent ventures. It is widely known that there are about 28 million small businesses in the US and close to 420 million globally, but Wasti pointed out that the total addressable market of small businesses is actually quite a bit higher when you take into consideration the nascent businesses that are still too young to be classified as “small business” by conventional standards.

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