Citysearch 2.0: Recommendations, Not Reviews

In addition to a visual makeover of its website, local business reviews pioneer Citysearch has announced a full revamp of its user interface. Meant to capture the on-the-go spirit of the mobile user and the pithiness of social media sites like Twitter and Tumblr, Citysearch has entered a new era of recommendations – not reviews.

When searching for a local business, the new Citysearch listing doesn’t include the traditional three or five star rating, but a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down. These recommendations are calculated into a percentage score – making it simpler for searchers to make a snap judgment, and faster for reviewers to give their feedback.

In addition, Citysearch will limit text reviews will be restricted to a Twitter-style 140 characters on mobile and 280 on the web because “brevity is key.”

As part of its visual overhaul, Citysearch has added more room for business photos and a blog-like layout to its main page.

The new Citysearch feels reinvigorated and more relevant to today’s on-the-go local searcher. Check it out!

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