Chris Borrink of Allied Van Lines: The World I Live In Is Lead Generation

Chris Borrink, vice president interactive for Allied Van Lines / NorthAmerican Van Lines, kicked off this morning’s general assembly with a 360-degree view of the local search industry.

“The world I live in is lead generation,” Borrink said. “We have a strong channel focus … we pay attention to every media that deliver leads.”

Borrink showed that a multichannel approach is important to his organization’s leads generation. How people find a mover? According to the company’s statistics, 31% of Allied’s leads come through a search engine, 19% through print Yellow Pages, 17% through local search sites, 9% through Internet Yellow Pages, 8% through the company website, and 5% through local newspaper or magazine.

But what are the major challenges to this approach? Borrink says that more ads need to be measured. According to Borrink, the cost of metered ads is not an issue. It’s the cultural challenge of changing an agent’s phone number – one he’s had for 30 years.

Borrink says that Google is an important part of driving leads.

“Google is a beautiful model for creating competition and for getting new business … There is no question in our minds about organic placement as it relates to volume. We need to keep our agents aware of that.”

Borrink cautioned that using paid Google listings to outbid competitors’ pricing, will at some point not be a profitable.

“They are trying to outbid the other guy to get more volume. At some point, that is not profitable.”

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