Choosing Your Yellow Pages Is Easy

As Internet Yellow Pages and our search engine partners have rolled out online local search tools, some consumers have asked how they can stop or limit delivery of print Yellow Pages.

It’s easy to choose which directories you receive. Publishers have put opt-out procedures in place to help ensure that we’re only delivering to people who want to receive them.

It’s best to work directly with the publishers serving your local area. We’ve centralized the opt-out contact information for directory publishers on our site at Opt-out information is also generally found in the directory itself or by calling the publisher’s customer service number.

There are a few third-party Web sites that claim to take care of opting-out on behalf of consumers. We recommend you avoid using these services for a number of reasons:

  • Unverifiable Information: Most publishers don’t accept opt-out lists from third-party Web sites because the information cannot be verified. Your cable company wouldn’t let a third party cancel your service without some sort of verification, and directory publishers won’t either. There’s no mechanism to stop someone from submitting the names of other people without their permission. The lists frequently even contain fictitious names and addresses.
  • Risk to Personal Information: Submitting information to third-parties poses significant risk. The sites provide no reliable assurance that information will not be sold or used for other purposes. The individuals or organizations operating the Web sites are usually not identified. Consider this before providing any personal information to Web sites.
  • Lack of Choice: The lists don’t differentiate between which directories a consumer might want to opt-out of — it’s all or nothing. So if a consumer wants to receive one directory, but not others, there’s really no choice at all.

We believe most people continue to find the print directory a useful search tool to have nearby, and publishers have outlined a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. But if you choose not to receive a print directory, please protect your personal information by using our Web site to work directly with the directory publishers.

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