Chart: Mobile “Fanatics” More Engaged with Mobile Devices than “Standard” Users

The mobile device has brought rise to the always connected consumer. 2015 LSA data shows that some are more connected than others and these mobile “fanatics” represent almost half of the smartphone user population surveyed.

Mobile “fanatics” defined as those who conduct more than 10 searches per week on their mobile devices, turned out to constitute 43% of a 2015 LSA/Thrive Analytics survey sample (n=2,147 U.S. adults). Mobile “fanatics” favor search engines vs. less engaged “standard” mobile users.

Based on the data, two primary types of smartphone owners came to the surface:

  • Mobile Fanatics: Conduct more than 10 searches per week on at least 2 mobile devices and in multiple locations (work, home, car, etc.).
  • Standard User: Conduct less than 10 searches per week on typically one device and may or may not occur in multiple locations.

The demographic profile of the mobile “fanatic” segment skews toward younger more affluent people. 80% of this segment is between the ages of 18-43 with over half having household incomes above $50K.

The “Mobile Fanatics” report was created by LSA and Thrive Analytics, with a survey sample size of 2,147 U.S. adults. The report is available to LSA research subscribers. To find out if you receive access, email LSA. For a full size version of the graphic above, click here.

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