Chart: How Mobilegeddon Impacted Mobile-Friendly SMB Websites

The staggering growth in consumer online searches via mobile devices led to Google’s heavily publicized mobile search algorithm change earlier this year. Often referred to as “Mobilegeddon,” the update boosted the mobile search rank of mobile-friendly websites. And according to recent LSA research, for the 70% of SMBs that actually have a website, 60% aren’t mobile-friendly.

As the data suggests there remains a significant gap between the growth in consumer search via mobile and the mobile readiness of SMB websites. While these websites are just one of many challenges faced by small business marketers, new data suggests that investing in a mobile-friendly website is now more important than ever.

To gauge the actual impact the Mobilegeddon change had, small business mobile site developer Duda spent six weeks before and after the algorithm update looking at roughly 4,700 small business websites that were already mobile-friendly. What Duda found was that on average, these SMB sites saw a 10.8% increase in page views post-Mobilegeddon.

Interestingly, sites with the smallest traffic levels before the update saw the biggest gains and according to Duda this was the most unexpected aspect of the findings. In other words, small traffic SMBs appear to have the most to gain from having mobile-friendly websites.

To view a full size version of the graphic above, click here.

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