Camilyo Offers SMB Marketing Providers All-in-One, Omni-Channel Marketing Platform

Established in 2010 as MobeeArt and rebranded in 2014, Camilyo partners with large and small online service providers to deliver business results to their small business clients in a challenging, rapidly evolving, multi-platform and multi-channel online world.

To learn more, we caught up with Ziv Koren, CMO at Camilyo:

What local problem(s) does Camilyo solve? How?
The sad truth is that most small businesses are not satisfied with their local marketing service performance. You see it in churn, in satisfaction polls and in the simple fact that many service providers struggle to show profits. The main reason, simply put is that the level of service small business expect (or in some cases are led to expect) cannot be delivered at a price they can afford.

These days it’s no longer enough to provide small business with a desktop website and SEO services; effective online presence today entails providing seamless, engaging, conversion oriented, experience across all online and social channels, combined with cost effective targeted advertising. Camilyo enables online service providers to serve small businesses with a fully integrated omni-channel presence, lead-generation add-ons, customer engagement tools and Facebook advertising platform at a fraction of the complexity and costs compared to using several, unintegrated silo solutions.

What makes Camilyo innovative?
Camilyo transforms the way service providers engage with their small business clients. Instead of focusing on the how (web development, siloed product integrations, content synchronization), we allow them to focus on the what (delivering great user experience and business results).

By making Camilyo we went against “common startup wisdom.” Where most other platform makers are trying to perfect narrow, focused, siloed solutions, we boldly ventured to make the first “Swiss Army Knife” for local marketing. Camilyo breaks the traditional borders of presence, marketing and customer engagement silos allowing service providers to offer their small business clients a comprehensive full-service local marketing hub.

How does Camilyo make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Camilyo makes seamless omni-channel marketing, previously only available to bigger brands, accessible to small business owners. We learned from our business partners that their main pains came from having to deal with multiple non-integrated platforms. By reducing the complexities and associated costs we empower our partners to deliver integrated, “vertically tailored,” cross-channel marketing to small business owners at a price point they can afford. In some cases Camilyo replaced five disparate products, cutting license costs and service fulfillment costs by half while improving the level of service and bottom line results.

What is next in local?
The local online marketing market is a true “holy grail.” Many are trying to capture it but for now with limited success. Low margins and high churn rates are plaguing big and small players in this industry.

We believe that the eventual winners will be those who will focus on providing small businesses with value rather than just deliverables, succeed in getting them to recognize the delivered value, and eventually get them actively engaged and even “hooked on” their online success.

With Camilyo, the “next thing in local” is already here.

To learn more, check out the video and deck below, or visit

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