How Marketing Providers Bridge Sales & Marketing Divide with Big Data

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) get roughly 24 contacts from advertising sales reps on a monthly basis. While not clear in the study the stat is taken from, it is implied that these contacts are calls. Despite these calls, it is widely believed cold calls are no longer effective in today’s digital marketplace.

In a webinar this week, Neal Polachek, board advisor of BuzzBoard, and Gordon Henry, CMO of Dex Media, examined the journey of big data from numbers in a spreadsheet to actionable insights. The process for making use of big data looks different depending on business objectives, but the speakers said this was a critical strategy for smarter, more efficient selling and marketing.

In addition to a big data discussion, Polachek and Henry talked about some best practices as well. For example, with a big sales force, it is important to identify and celebrate successes quickly and often. There was also an interesting discussion around how sales reps feel more confident about sales when working with prospects derived from strong marketing.

Check out the entire webinar presentation below:

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