Boosting Local Search Rank with Local Branding Efforts

While most use the term “brands” to refer to national advertisers, local businesses can use brand building strategies to raise their profile within the community.  Improving local brand pays off in many ways including an area that is of top priority for many SMBs – local search page rank.

Moz conducts a survey of SEO experts to score ranking factors that affect local search page rank.  The 2015 survey attributed approximately 50% of ranking factors to branding factors such as back links, reviews, social media, and other third-party recognition of a business’ brand.  The other 50% is attributable to business profile listing information that is the core of a business’ brand – its identity by name, location and contact information.

Thus, making sure your business’ listing information is consistent and accurate is key to Google recognizing it as relevant in response to local search queries.  Last month, I provided some tips on ways that small business owners can manage online listings on a DIY basis.

This month, I focus on the other half.  Check out my Search Engine Land article 10 Tips for Building a Local Brand That Will Boost Your Local Search Ranking.

I cover ways to build your brand locally such as building a presence in hyperlocal publications and getting mentioned for outreach in your community.  Or use keywords that are local in nature such as neighborhoods and local landmarks.   Each of the 10 branding tips gets you noticed not just by local residents, but by Google and Bing that in turn boosts your page rank for local search results.

Ultimately, local branding should permeate all of your marketing strategies and help bring cohesiveness and consistency to your marketing message.

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