Blogging Live from BIA/Kelsey’s Mobile Local Media Conference

It’s exciting to be in beautiful San Francisco today for BIA/Kelsey’s Mobile Local Media meeting.  A number of great speakers will be here during the all-day event. Some of the big names that caught my attention include:

  • Google Mobile leads Surojit Chatterjee, Head of Mobile Search Ads Products, and Brendon Kraham, Global Mobile Sales Product Strategy
  • Mike Ghaffary, Director of Business Development, Yelp
  • Mok Oh, Chief Scientist, Paypal
  • Chris Folmar, Director of Mobile Development, SuperMedia
  • Mihir Shah, VP, Mobile, Groupon
  • David Kurtz, VP, Publisher Network, YP
  • Anna Martinez, VP of Technology, CityGrid
  • Heidi Browning, Senior VP of Strategic Solutions, Pandora

I’ll be blogging throughout the day and I’m looking forward to talking with the attendees.  More to come as the day progresses!

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